Premium Scottish Gin
Made from the purest water sourced directly from Loch Ness.
An aromatic & earthy gin born of an ancient place
Natural, locally sourced hand-picked ingredients


A true product of its place of birth, Great Glen balances the sweet herbal honeysuckle notes of Scottish heather with the subtle tartness of Red Sorrel and the aromatic pine tones of Frankincense. Elevated by the purity of our own base spirit, this complex and rewarding gin has deep, lasting flavours that stay with you like the tales that transcend generations. Pull up a chair, pour a glass and start your own story.


Taking its name from the fault line that divides the Highlands, our distillery sources natural and local ingredients to give you a little taste of our majestic surroundings.

Great Glen is both Scotland's newest and, proudly, its smallest craft distillery. Harnessing the elements of a wild place, our smooth, earthy gin is our love letter to nature. Whether sipped by the water's edge on a summers evening or enjoyed on wintery nights by the fire, our gin is the perfect companion.

Lasting flavours like stories that transcend generations


The Main Ingredient - Today’s rain is tomorrow’s gin. Our Highland water is one of the cleanest and purest in Scotland. It is filtered through countless layers of rock and earth before finding its way to Loch Ness and finally your glass.

Hand picked Wild Scottish heather from around the Great Glen
Sheep Sorrel for citrusy tartness and a lovely floral aroma.
Frankincense – this is what gives our gin the aromatic notes.

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Today’s rain is tomorrow’s gin
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